Originally Presented April 17, 2019

ACO attribution is evolving. Changing attribution models can significantly impact how providers perform on cost and quality metrics. ACO decision-makers need to understand the intricacies of the attribution landscape to make the most informed decisions for their ACOs.

Join SpectraMedix ACO Product Manager and former ACO Manager Mark A. Rucci as he analyzes and compares keys concepts of ACO attribution, including prospective and retrospective models; attribution to a single provider versus team-based attribution to a primary care, specialty care, behavioral health and community-based organization; churn analysis; and voluntary (member directed) alignment.

At the end of the presentation Mark will conduct a Q&A, so be ready with your questions! The goal of the webinar is for attendees to come away better prepared to lead 2019 ACO attribution strategies.


The Presenters



Mark Rucci

ACO Product Manager, SpectraMedix






Nathan Brown

Director of Marketing, SpectraMedix




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