Eighty percent of New York Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO) spend must be under risk-based contracts by 2020. Welcome to Value-Based Payment (VBP) Reform. If you’re an ACO, IPA, IDN, CBO or another provider group that will be contracting with a Medicaid MCO (or a PPS looking to become a VBP contractor), and haven’t started to prepare, you’re already behind.

The good news is there are strategies that can help you quickly come up to speed. In this webinar, we’ll go over what you need to thrive in the VBP era in New York. We will cover:

  • Understanding how VBP impacts you
  • Determining which VBP Arrangements are best for your organization
  • Establishing your quality and cost performance benchmarks
  • Building a roadmap to successful VBP contracts
  • Creating "what if" models for different negotiation scenarios
  • Having in place NY DOH approved infrastructure and analytics capabilities

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